A Creed for Fools

This is a collaborative effort came into being on April 1 in conversation with a number of fools who happen to be friends of mine. We invite you to engage this creed in whatever way seems best to you. We welcome comments, amendments, revisions, and other stuff. As long as it’s good stuff, that is.

We believe in stuff. Stuff that is good. We believe that some stuff is not good. In the not good stuff we will not put our trust. We will try to faithfully seek out the stuff that is good and share it with others who have been caught up in stuff that is not good. This is good stuff. Amen.

2 thoughts on “A Creed for Fools

  1. I think you would benefit by adding a statement about the number 3. Perhaps: “And 3 shall be the number. It shall not be 2 or 1, nor shall it be 4 or a number greater than 4, but shall be 3. And henceforth shall it be enumerated 3 and nominated 3 for 3 is what its number is.”
    Or something like that. That too would be good stuff.

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