From the Inside Out

2022 Black History Month Sermon Series Lifting Up the Lives of Black Presbyterians
at United Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL on February 27, 2022

Scripture: Micah 6:8 and Matthew 25:31-46 

In this worship service we committed our congregation to the path of the Matthew 25 Initiative of the PCUSA. We invited Rev. Dr. Diane Givens Moffett to preach and celebrated the work of Rev. Gayraud Wilmore, a Black Presbyterian who worked for Civil Rights, both within the church and in the wider national efforts.

We don’t have a transcript of Dr. Moffett’s sermon but you can watch below and follow with the bulletin here.

Matthew 25 Dedication Worship on Week 4 of Black History Month with Guest Preacher, Rev. Dr. Diane Givens Moffett.

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