13 Coin Blessing (Arras)

The symbolism of the 13 gold coins in this ceremony is that the [Groom’s Name]  recognizes his responsibility as a provider, and pledges his ability to support and care for [Bride’s Name]. Acceptance by [Bride’s Name] means taking that trust and confidence unconditionally with total dedication.

As I count out the 13 coins and place them in [Groom’s Name]  hands they also represent different values that these two desire to share between themselves: love, harmony. cooperation, commitment, peace, happiness, trust, respect, caring, wisdom, joy, wholeness and caring.

May these coins be a symbol of your mutual love, fidelity and trust.

[Groom’s Name], please repeat after me: I give you these 13 coins as a symbol of my unquestionable trust and confidence I place in you as my beloved wife. As we unite our lives today I share all responsibility with you.

[Bride’s Name], please repeat after me: I accept these coins and assure you of my total love and dedication in looking after you, your possessions and my unconditional love.

In exchanging these coins, __________ and __________ are essentially saying, “What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.” Let us pray:  Bless this commitment God.  Create in __________ and __________ the capacity for true cooperation and harmony in their marriage, Amen.

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