Magically Transformed: Eastertide Sermon Series

holiscraps7For the weeks between Easter and Pentecost, we’ll be turning to the lectionary to hear stories about how the Resurrection can evoke personal transformation.  Proposed sermon texts and titles are as follows:

4/7:  In which Thomas becomes a Saint (Psalm 150 and John 20:19-31)
4/14:  In which Peter becomes a Sheepherder (Psalm 30 and John 21:15-23)
4/21:  In which Dorcas becomes ALIVE!! (Psalm 23 and Acts 9:36-42
4/28:  In which Peter breaks Kosher and changes the world (Psalm 148 and Acts 11:1-18)
5/5:  In which Lydia becomes a Benefactor (Psalm 67 and Acts 16:9-15)
5/12:  In which a Jailer becomes a Liberator (Psalm 97 and Acts 16:16-34)

Let’s hope the Spirit thinks these are good ideas.  Everybody’s moving in this direction now…


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