Graciously getting through the “who-are-you-and-what-do-you-do” moment of a cocktail party or church coffee hour can be so awkward – especially for a mostly introvert intuitive like me (NB: also a huge Myers-Briggs fan). So I’ll just put this out there quickly and then we can get on with whatever it is we want to say to each other.

MY NAME:  (recently pointed out that it’s listed nowhere on this blog, imagine that)

OH!  MY NAME:  Debra Avery

OCCUPATION:  Minister of Word & Sacrament, (PCUSA) – a.k.a. Teaching Elder, a.k.a. Pastor, a.k.a. Professional Doofus

Good food
Being a Presbyterian
Taking photos
A really friendly local coffee shop with free WiFi

(NEW) PERSONAL MOTTO:  (Because I know you’re all paying very close attention.)
…Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.
(Henry David Thoreau – and yes you might want to read that again)

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I truly enjoyed your talking points on “No Wonder Faith is Dying.” I am currently an elder at Lakeshore Presbyterian Church in Fort Gratiot, MI and maintain the church web site. I caught some of your twitter posts during the general assembly, which led me to your blog. I’m just writing to tell you, “Keep up the good work.” Philosophically I couldn’t agree more with you on faith and religion, but it took me a while to get there.

  2. Reading your blog about the GA (linked from FB)–interesting–but I can’t find any indication on this blog of who you are. Your name? Your church? Location?

    1. If you look on the right hand column, my church is linked under blog roll. You’re right, though… Ha! Of all things… Not putting my name… That’s funny. I will edit this later on to make it more obvious! Thanks!

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