Life Guidance

2023 Black History Month Sermon Series Lifting Up the Lives of Black Presbyterians

at United Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL on February 5, 2023

Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-12 and Matthew 5:7-20

In this worship service we will celebrate the life of Dr. Sara B. Cordery, Ed.D who was a Presbyterian elder and lifelong educator. She served as Moderator of Presbyterian Women from 1991-1994

Love requires that I value the worth of each indivisual and respect the dignity of every person made in the image of God.

Love requires that I celebrate the diversity of gifts of all of God’s people.

Love required that I accept myself as I am and my God-given gifts whatever they may be, with pride and in humility.

Dr. Sara B. Cordery in Stir Up What You Got: A Collection of Poems and Sayings

You can watch our service live and follow with the bulletin below.

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