Lasso Blessing

_________ and __________ have chosen to incorporate the Lasso ritual into their wedding ceremony today. The Lasso is a wedding ritual in which the couple are bound together with a ceremonial rosary. Lassoing is a declaration of intent, where the bride and groom clearly state that they are binding their lives together in prayer.

_________ and __________ since your lives have crossed in this life, you have formed eternal and sacred bonds. As you enter this state of matrimony you should strive to make real the ideals that to you, give meaning to this ceremony and to the institution of marriage.

Let us pray:

Bless the marriage of ________  and ________, O God, as they begin their journey down the road of life together. We know not what lies ahead for the road has many turns and bends. We are grateful to you for helping them to make the best of whatever comes their way.

Help them continue to enjoy each other as they did when they first met and for helping them to realize that nothing nor no one is perfect and to look for the good in all things and all people including themselves.

Encourage them to hold on to each other no matter what happens to them and know that things have a way of working out for the good.

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