Guest Blogger, Jeff Cheifetz shares: What UNCO did for me and why you should go

When I arrived at UNCO13-West I really had no idea what I might find there as a first time attendee and 60-something minister. As it turned out, I found quite a lot. Here’s the short list:  Conversations, presentations, worship, skilled and experienced leadership, the opportunity to share my own nascent dream of a new kind of spiritual community/church, good food, new friends and colleagues, and even assistance in setting up my own blog site, all in a beautiful setting. As others shared the challenges and rewards of church planting, I gained the courage to take the plunge into bringing my dream of 7 years into reality. Following UNCO, my initial email about my dream church, sent to about 20 people, elicited enthusiasm, support, and the unexpected excited response from Amy Shoemaker, who shared the same kind of dream. Now Amy and I are co-founders of Sanctuary for the Arts in Oakland, CA (, and we have received a seed grant from the PC(USA)’s 1001 New Worshiping Communities program.

If you harbor dreams about what a ministry could be and is not yet, 

if you know that you are meant for something you may never have tried before, 

if you have the sense that God is nudging you out of your comfort zone – or into it! – 

then come to UNCO14. (Register here:

You will find a welcoming and resourceful community that is ready to listen, share, encourage, teach, guide, and befriend. And who knows what else you might find, for yourself and for others.

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