Questions for a New Start

As I think about moving into my next congregation, I really want to start well.  So I put together a list of questions to help me focus.  Most of these were used in one form or another in all three previous congregations.  I found them in various old notebooks and compiled them here. Decluttering has its advantages!

For the congregation:

  1. Is what we are saying/doing helping to generate conversations about the good, the better, the possible? Is it strengthening our relationships?
  2. How can we create positive images of the future and lead with positive actions?
  3. How can we generate/continue to foster hope, excitement, inspiration, caring, camaraderie, sense of urgent purpose, sheer joy in creating something meaningful together?
  4. What is it we want more of? (instead of:  we don’t like…)
  5. What would move us in the direction we want to go?
  6. What gives life when we are at our best?

For the Session, Deacons and committee leaders/members:

  1. Whom do I bring with me when I come to meetings?
  2. What burdens/joys do I bring with me ?
  3. What has our team done well in the past 6 months, 1 year, 5 years?
  4. What do I value most about our church?
  5. What do I value most about being part of the team?
  6. With whom do we feel my primary relationship/respinsiblilty?

Other questions:

  1. What are the expected traditions? (we always…)
  2. What are the most recent changes in congregational life?
  3. How and why were those changes made?
  4. What things, if suddenly ended, would make people feel like this was no longer be our  church?
  5. What are people yearning for in the congregation? How do we know/find out?
  6. What are people yearning for in the community? How do we know/find out?

3 thoughts on “Questions for a New Start

  1. Congratulations, Deb, on your new call. From what little I’ve observed, it seems that you have the soul of a pastor and that this is your mission. The new congregation is very fortunate to have you.

  2. Love it!!! Very positive to help leaders & congregation think positively about themselves – looking forward, not backwords. May the force be with you! 🙂

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