GA220: Things I followed closely

Though our denomination’s General Assembly is now more than two weeks in the past and this post now probably falls in the category of “OLD NEWS”, I’m still thinking about these things.  So I thought I’d share – for any of you who might also be thinking about them.

Whenever the church gathers, there’s bound to be something of interest for everyone.  Not all of us focus on the same things, but if there’s a passion, it’s sure to be found in general or in great detail at our General Assemblies.  This year was no different.  GA220, as this years assembly was fondly called, held much promise, some of which was accomplished.   Yet so much was left undone.  In addition, so much work of some really fine teams was simply broken open and REdone. I’ll be blogging more specific thoughts about things that were of particular interest.  For now, if you want to go to that level of PresbyNerd, here are a few links.

A Pastoral Letter and overview:

Regarding Immigration
Regarding How We Organize Ourselves at the Judicatory Level

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