I am

Here’s the result of a pseudo-MadLib template we used at the Art of Curating Worship conference last week.

I am from windchill,
From Ritz crackers and Velveeta
I am from the 6 women, 1 man, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom farmhouse
All knees and elbows, fiercely loyal and loud.
(note the absence of the Oxford comma)

I am from the soybeans, the black-eyed Susans,
The sweaty mess of picked, husked, boiled
Iowa sweet corn that tastes better than any other.

I am from
and Rack-O
From “no shaking, lifting, listening to or otherwise snooping around anything under the Christmas tree
From Joan and Bertha

I’m from the bossy women and the steady quiet men
From “Do your best!” and “what are you going to do with THAT major?”
From Pastor Baillie and Grandma Gast and Cecilia Fistler

A unique an admixture of fear, hope, humor, persnickety-ness, and grace.
(note the presence of the Oxford comma)

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