A hymn text based on Matthew 5:3-10
Tune: any tune with meter (I prefer “Holy Manna”, “Hyfrydol”, and “Nettleton”)
For use on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
those who live oppressed by strife.
There the gift of God’s great kingdom
comes to give new hope and life.
Blessed are the ones in mourning,
those whose hearts break with great pain.
They will find the gift of comfort
as God’s grace restores again.

Blessed are the ones whose living
shows us how to find true worth.
Meek and humble, they inherit
from God’s hand this gift: the Earth.
Blessed are the ones whose yearning
calls for healing righteousness;
hungry, thirsty, find fulfillment
as God’s justice moves to bless.

Blessed are the mercy-givers,
off’ring tenderness and care.
When their hearts are lost in sorry,
they find God’s compassion there.
Blessed are the ones whose actions
show a heart that’s undefiled.
From god’s heart pours out great blessing,
each one claimed as God’s own child.

Blessed are the ones whose visions
challenge them to work for peace.
Gifted, called as God’s own children,
hope and courage soon increase.
Bless’d are you who, when confronted,
find your faithfulness grows strong.
There’s a welcome in God’s kingdom
that will last your whole life long.

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