Delhi and Me

After more than a month of mental preparation and just over 24 hours of door-to-door travel, I have arrived in Delhi. For those might be wondering why I’ve taken a trip to some obscure midwestern town (pronounced dell-high), I am referring to India. For the next several days, through my blog I will try to share the experience of coming to India for the wedding of the daughter of a dear family friend.

So far, here’s what I was able to notice between the airport and Sunil’s home at 10:30 p.m.:lots and lots of dust in the air

  • lots and lots of construction
  • lots and lots of horns beeping, honking, tooting – the driver’s hand was covering the car horn at all times!
  • rather dark streets and very shut down for a Saturday night in one of the biggest cities in the world (quite unlike New York)
  • trucks (lorries) and buses have interesting and very colorful paintings on the undercarriage – particularly on the rear differential and exhaust systems – also bumpers, hubs of wheels and the like – makes it interesting to look at when you are in a small car and feel as though you could fit under said vehicle
  • turning into Sunil’s neighborhood is like turning into a back alley – except then we turned into another and another as we drove through the housing block.
  • the family is overjoyed to have so many visitors. 4 slept on the floor of the living room, 4 shared a bed in one bedroom, 7 slept in another bedroom, 1 slept in the dining room
  • they were very pleased to know that I like spicy food and tested me out on aloo gobi. Geeta made two kinds and I was easily able to tolerate the kind that the rest of the family ate. I was so proud of myself! Actually, it wasn’t a stretch at all.

Today there will be a blessing ceremony at 9:00 a.m. It is a ritual that connects the line of the bride all the way back to the ancestors on her father’s side. This is apparently quite important – to preserve the patrilineal heritage. We are expecting between 60-80 people to attend. The house has roughly 1500 square feet.

These are the rough observations – stay tuned – more to come (with photos, too, I hope.)

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