Birmingham at last

Well, here I am in Birmingham, AL – participating in my 2nd General Assembly (my first one was in Milwaukee and I did liturgical dance with Greek masks, while 4 months pregnant with Taylor!). This time, I’m definitely NOT dancing, but instead am working with a group of progressive Christians to help bring healing to members in our denomination and to remind folks of our call to live according to Christ’s call to justice. Lofty goals, indeed!

I’m really working very, very behind the scenes and am spending most of my time acting as a gopher, typist, and general helper of whomever needs help. It’s really good to work as a servant to the larger church. We’ll see how it goes as the time progresses and people get more tired and more intense as the debates intensify. I’m so behind the scenes that my seats will always be at the back of the back of the back. The teeny tiny people in the upper left part of the photo are the main speakers. (see photo)

So far, I’ve seen a lot of good friends and that has been great. It seems that every time I turn a corner, somebody else I know pops up. And it’s been a great blessing to me already. More later…

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