What I Want for My Birthday

Want to know what I want for my birthday? I would like you to read this brief story about someone who has a history of pouring themselves out for people who have been shoved aside by the powers and then I’d like to know that you are going to do the same. People are giving their birthdays to all kinds of causes. I’m giving mine to Cat Brooks’ campaign for Mayor of the City of Oakland. (P.S. If you’ve already decided not to read any further, then at least consider giving to the Cat Brooks for Mayor campaign – Oakland cannot continue as it is. Too many people are suffering.)

Still with me? Here we go.

In this current iteration of my life, I’m serving as the Treasurer for the Cat Brooks for Mayor campaign.  If you know me at all, you know that for me to take up a financial role in ANYTHING is a sign that something else is going on. For the rest of you – it is enough for you to know that financial work is NOT my favorite. You should also know that the “something else” that moved me to say “yes” to this work is the faith I have in Cat Brooks.

I’ve known Cat only 5 years, but in that short time, I’ve watched her move with deep compassion, opening her heart to families who’ve lost loved ones to police violence. I’ve seen her live sacrificially, placing the needs of others over and above her own needs. I’ve witnessed her commitment to a different future even as she sits patiently with people who don’t understand why we can’t just say “All Lives Matter.” And I’ve seen her move strategically, making alliances, building bridges, and nurturing coalitions, with the single-minded purpose of freedom and justice for everyone.

Though this is about getting elected to the position of Mayor, in many ways, Cat is already doing the work that our Mayor OUGHT to be doing – listening to her people, fighting for them, helping them thrive. Cat’s not a career politician. She’s not looking ahead to the next election and the one after that. She’s standing in a long line of freedom fighters, taking up the work she is called to do, committing herself to do whatever it takes to gain freedom for all of us.

So here’s the ask:

There are so many ways to give – give yourself to the community, volunteer somewhere, help a neighbor, live the peace you want to see around you. As for me? I’m 57 today. I’m old enough to be some of y’all’s mom, old enough to know better (most days), and old enough to have seen enough to be sick and tired of the status quo that keeps hurting people I care about. For my birthday, I’d like you to join me in supporting Cat Brooks. As a Happy 57th Birthday to ME (and as comfort for this Treasurer-come-lately), I’m giving $57.00. I invite you to join me and give 57¢ or $57. Give $19.61 or $196.10. Give $9.25 or $92.50. Help us return power to the people and bring Cat into the Mayor’s office.


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