Random Advice for Church Leader Types: Organizing the Ordination/Installation Planning Team

Rummaging through old emails and deleting files occasionally reveals some things that might be useful to others.  So from time to time, I will try to post under this title.

Today’s topic:  Questions to consider when putting together a planning team for your ordination or installation service

1.  Who will chair this group?

2.  What tasks need to be done for the service and celebratory reception?

3.  Once a task list is created, ask:  Who in our congregation can we ask to be key leaders in those particular areas?

4.  What MUST be included in worship?  Is there something new and exciting that we’ve been dying to try? Are there congregational traditions that need to be acknowledged/included?  Are there particular worship leaders who would bring a good feel to the service?

5.  What details are easily overlooked?

  • Where will the leaders put on their vestments? (Sometimes the sacristy or pastor’s office is too small.)
  • Where will installation committee/commissioners/bishop and staff sign important documents?
  • Who will make sure the pastor has her/his head on her/his shoulders?

6.  What about children at the service?

7.  Who needs to be invited to attend?

  • Don’t assume people will know about it and come.
  • Don’t forget key community organization and church leaders.
  • Don’t forget people/organizations who regularly use/rent the church facilities.

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